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Top 3 Desktop Recording Apps for PC

    There is no doubt that video screen capture programs have become a vital and extremely important element in our daily lives, whether for computer screens or laptops, as the screen is the part responsible for displaying information in front of viewers, and the display method is more important than speech and writing because it is a living and tangible evidence capable of Provide explanations and instructions that you want to pass on to other people with audio and video, but what if you want to share this information with someone far from you? Meaning that there are some companies and organizations that try to guide their employees by presenting visual presentations on a huge screen in front of all the attendees, but what if there are employees who are absent from the meeting? For this reason, all companies and institutions have become dependent on a video screen recording program to display at a later time, in order for the absentees to have an opportunity to attend the meeting.

    But in practice, for most users, computer screen capture programs have the ability to make distinct video explanations to show how to deal with some problems in the computer and how to solve them. This method brings YouTube channel owners a very large number of followers looking for solutions to one of the intractable problems in the computer, as well. It is possible to rely on it to record recent games as soon as they are released and upload them to YouTube to get more followers, especially since there are players who do not make the decision to purchase the game until after seeing its entire content. Whatever the reason, screen recording software is responsible for showing you exactly what you want to show and how you want to show it to other people.

    While there are many free programs that provide you with this feature, with imaging quality up to HD in some of them, they may differ from each other in features and functions. 2022 for free and we explain to you its most important advantages and disadvantages so that you will be able to choose a program that suits your needs.

Best Screen Recording Software for PC 2022:

1. HitPaw Screen Recorder:

    HitPaw Screen Recorder is one of the best computer screen recording programs this year. The program supports the ability to record games while playing them with the ability to take multiple pictures during broadcasts. This program also enables you to record the entire screen size or select a portion of the screen specifically for recording. Easy with support for 4K screen recording and 4K video creation with 60 frames per second, with the ability to record your face through the webcam during video chats.

    The program provides multiple editing capabilities during recording that enables you to select parts or draw on the screen, with the availability of the image-in-pictures feature that enables you to record the screen and record your reaction through the front camera directly. The program supports many languages ​​around the world with the program’s support for the Arabic language, A free version of the program is available, but it is somewhat limited. If you want to get all the advantages, there are monthly, annual, and lifetime subscription packages depending on your use of the program, and it is really worth owning the paid version for its wonderful features.

Program Advantages:

The user interface is easy to use for all users.

It comes with a free version that has many features.

Very easy to use.

Built-in editor.

Recording games while playing smoothly.

Screen and webcam can be recorded simultaneously

4k high-quality clips.

Program disadvantages:

Put the watermark during registration in the free version.

2. EaseUS RecExperts:

    EaseUS RecExperts is a full-screen recorder that works on the popular Windows and Mac operating systems. The program comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that enables beginners and professionals alike to use it with ease. The program allows you to record the entire screen, whether on Windows or Mac, with the ability to I have to allocate and select a specific area of ​​the screen only for recording only with ease and without any complexity, in addition to this program enables you to record the screen without any specific time limit, allowing you to record screens and various video clips as long as you want to.

    Moreover, the program also works as a full-featured audio recorder that allows you to capture the sound of the operating system or the sound from the microphone and both at the same time to enable you to comment on different video clips during an instant recording of what is displayed on the computer screen, to record various video clips such as educational clips And gaming entertainment clips with the ability to add yourself on the screen via a webcam during recording and more, while saving the content you recorded in many popular audio or video formats and you can also record your meetings that take place through Teams and zoom programs or calls Skype or WhatsApp Call with audio and video and you can also capture the screen with or without an audio, microphone, and webcam.

Program Advantages:

Distinctive recording features.

Simple interface and a gift suitable for both beginners and professionals.

It can be used on weak computers.

Ability to record videos in different formats.

It works on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Program disadvantages:

The free version only allows 2 minutes of video recording.

The free version has limited capabilities.

Purchase is required to be able to take advantage of all the features.

3. Free OBS Studio Screen Recorder:

    Open Broadcaster has been able to occupy a leading position among the best video screen capture software for PC over the past years, and this was due to a logical reason, firstly, the trial version is free of time and watermark restrictions and allows the ability to record a specific part of the screen or the entire screen content and its performance It is great and smooth on the computer and provides real-time video streaming on the Internet, unfortunately, the program is open source and difficult to use for beginners, so it is more geared for professional use and that is why it contains a wealth of functions and features that you may need in order to record professional videos and share them on the Internet The YouTube.

    That is why all seasoned players rely on it for recording due to the quality of the video, smooth performance, and the purity of the sound that you get with the content of the recordings. In fact, there are many players on YouTube and Twitch who rely on live broadcasts while playing through it, especially as it provides them with many customization features. And modify its functions and the keys to implement the tasks built into it as they wish, but unfortunately, we cannot say that it is easy to use, but we can confirm that it is completely free and rich in features and certainly over time you will consider it the best screen recording program.

Program Advantages:

Supports various operating systems Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It is completely free and there are no restrictions on the registration period.

Does not add a watermark to recordings.

It allows the creation of multiple scenes and audio mixing built-in with filters for each source.

Advanced setup options.

Supports popular video streaming services.

Program disadvantages:

The user interface is complicated for starters.

He often falls into a state of collapse and suddenly exits the recording.

Not suitable for express registration purposes.