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Top 6 Desktop Recording Apps for PC

1. ShareX program to capture part of the screen:

    We've found that the vast majority of lists of the best computer screen recording software contain ShareX, and that's for a pretty obvious reason. It allows display and movement of the mouse pointer on the screen, its own editor for editing the clips, a scheduling system that allows you to choose when the recording will start, and above all it allows you to record as a video or GIF animation.

    ShareX is distinguished by its name because it is able to share recordings on cloud storage sites or convert them to social networking sites. Unfortunately, the only downside is that like most open source programs, it is difficult to use and needs to understand many of its functions first and how keyboard shortcuts work in order to be able to benefit from it But because it is worth the effort, it is possible to search for explanations on YouTube that show you how to use it professionally.

Program Advantages:

Includes hotkeys for easy navigation to function quickly but requires prior setup.

Records in full screen or in the form of a window or free-hand polka dots.

Supports many file-sharing services on social media and cloud storage.

Allows adding a custom watermark to your recordings.

Imports video and photo files that are already on the hard drive.

Program disadvantages:

The quality of the game recording is poor.

Difficult to use and complicated for beginners.

There is no video editor and there are many user reviews that suggest the ability to record long-time clips has failed.

Webcam recording is not allowed.

2. DVDVideoSoft’s Desktop Video Recorder:

    In fact, we did not find many reviews of DVDVideoSoft, however, many prefer using it because of the ease and simplicity of use in desktop imaging and also its intuitive interface and editor included within it, the program also contains an addition under the name Free Audio Editor for audio editing, Although it is not as professional as other content creator software, it may be enough to remove some parts from audio tracks, edit audio, etc.

    It is distinguished because it is completely free and has the advantage of converting recordings to different formats of video quality and is able to record conversations that take place via communication applications which means that it is an ideal way to record presentations through a microphone, unfortunately, it is not suitable for recording computer audio and what is happening in the background, in addition to that It contains ads that may confuse you sometimes, but it is easy to use and supports 10 different languages, and on the official website you will find a guide that shows you how to use all its tools professionally.

Program Advantages:

The ability to take a screenshot of the screen easily.

Multiple screen recording modes.

Specifically intended for recording Skype conversations.

Export formats include MP4, BMP, TGA, JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

Program disadvantages:

Unable to record audio except the microphone.

It contains advertisements and may cause other programs to be installed while it is being installed on your computer.

Unable to edit audio tracks individually.

There are no filters on the sound except for the adjustment of the volume.

3. CamStudio Screen Recording Software:

    First of all, when you try to install CamStudio for the first time you will find yourself dealing with two different files which are the codec file and the program file itself after installation it will be very easy to start the screen recording process which allows you to choose a specific part of the screen Or the entire screen and when you're done a dropdown allows you to keep the recordings in the track you want, there are no time limits, no ads, and no watermark.

    This software is open source and is able to record computer audio or microphone as well so it is a great example for recording presentations and you can also display the mouse pointer on the screen in recordings, although it is a great program the only problem is that it forces you to install some other software such as Chromium browser on, For example, there are many different audio and video settings if you want to record high-quality videos and you can write or add images and animations on the recordings and it is a great way for presentations, in fact, the program has many great features and you will find that it is simple and easy to use.

Program Advantages:

There are no restrictions on the length of time for recordings.

The ability to record a screen within a screen.

The ability to modify the shape of the mouse pointer.

Numerous options for video export quality.

Program disadvantages:

It contains many programs that some see as malware and viruses.

The audio in the recordings is not synchronized with the video correctly.

Its graphic interface is very old and needs a lot of development.

4. Ezvid HD Screen Recorder:

    In fact, it is a professional program that is well-known and used by many creators and content makers to record professional videos for social media and YouTube. It contains advanced options in its editor such as manipulating the sound during recording and face camera, and there is also a feature to control the speed If you are registering for YouTube, you will find the option to share directly on YouTube after completing the registration.

    The most important thing you want to hear about the free version is that it will not bother you with any watermark, annoying ads, or time limits for recordings. It contains many shortcuts, including the ability to record, pause or finalize hands-free, the only downside is that you will not You can hide the program in front of you during registration.

Program Advantages:

Capable of automatic recording in high-quality 720p video.

Speed ​​control during video extraction.

The program interface is clean and the controls are easy to use and clear.

After completing the recording, you are allowed to share the video and export it to YouTube directly.

It contains some music tracks included inside it.

Program disadvantages:

Unfortunately from some of the reviews, there seems to be some noise in the audio while watching the recordings.

It has some problems during use.

The full-screen recording is not allowed and you can never hide the program interface.

5. Movavi Screen Recorder:

    This program is one of the best programs for screen recording and video recording of many of the tasks that you perform on your computer and it can work across Windows and Mac operating systems. The capabilities you may not find in any other program, and through this program, you can make explanations on the desktop and record all important work on your device with sound and image and keep it with the possibility of making a video montage with high quality and efficiency.

    The program also has many effects that can be added to the clip after recording it, including the possibility of placing frames around the screen to select a specific shooting area or drawing the frame yourself to select a specific area and part you want to photograph and specify its dimensions, length, and width as well. You can save the recordings as videos or GIFs and also download those Recordings on YouTube or Google Drive and share them via any of the social media platforms the most distinguishing feature of the program is that it has an easy-to-use and simple interface that does not need any complications or learning. All you have to do is start recording the screen as a video by clicking on the dedicated tool REC.

Program Advantages:

Screen capture and video and link it with the webcam to make explanations on the video.

The ability to record video screenshots with sound and image at the same time, as well as you can separate the sound from the image.

This program provides you with high quality and efficiency in recording videos in multiple formats, including AVI - MOV - MP4 - MKV.

Screen captures images only by taking snapshots and editing and modifying the image after photographing it.

Schedule recordings and recording by the start date of capturing the clip.

You can also display the mouse while you are recording and screen capturing.

Program disadvantages:

The program does not have a tool to edit video clips or make a video montage after completing the screen recording, and therefore you will need a separate montage program.

If you are using the trial version of the program, you cannot record a video screen for more than five minutes.

The program may suddenly crash during registration.

6. My Screen Recorder Pro:

    This program is one of the wonderful programs for recording computer screen video and converting those recorded clips into several different and various formats and formats. The recording is done with audio and video, with the possibility of integrating the webcam during recording, and in the end, you can extract a video clip in formats, including AVI - WMV - MP4, and then you can simply upload the clip to many social networking sites with high accuracy and quality.

    You can also merge the video clip that you filmed with the music and edit it into one video with the ability to cut and split the video into several parts after recording it and making the necessary explanations. The possibility of using the microphone and recording your voice for an explanation during filming and the program is designed directly for recording, where you can click on the word “record” to start filming the screen.

Program Advantages:

Screen capture video and link it with a webcam or mobile phone screen with desktop screen recording.

This program supports high-quality and efficient video extraction in multiple formats, including AVI - WMV - MP4 - WebM.

Automatically upload recordings to any file or FTP account.

The possibility of monitoring the screen even in the hidden mode safely.

Schedule recordings and recording by the start date of capturing the clip.

You can also display the mouse while you are recording and screen capturing.

Program disadvantages:

Video editing and editing capabilities within the program are limited.

The program does not have animations or transitions for use.