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Top 5 Desktop Recording Apps for PC

1. Apowersoft Computer Screen Capture Without Watermark:

    In fact, Apowersoft offers two ways to record the screen, the first method is online through an extension that you install on your Internet browser and it is completely free without any restrictions on the time period of the recordings as well as without a watermark, while the second method is through the desktop program, but it is a For a trial version for a limited time and you must pay to subscribe to the paid service, but talking about the functions, it gives you the ability to customize a specific part of the screen or the entire screen, of course, it is fixed on the middle of the screen by default, but you can enlarge the screen or change its location easily.

    Once launched, you will find yourself in front of an intuitive and easy-to-use interface and there is nothing to do but click on the red “Rec” button to start recording everything that happens on the screen. Google Drive or Dropbox also allows you to stream videos on Vimeo and YouTube. In fact, it is suitable for presentations and how-tos thanks to its ability to record the movement of the mouse pointer and adjust the video bitrate and type of video format, but unfortunately, it is not suitable at all for recording gameplay.

Program Advantages:

Supports many operating systems.

Dynamic screen capture options.

The ability to edit recordings in real-time.

Ability to modify recording options.

Intuitive and clean user interface free of any complexity.

The program is very light and smooth and does not consume a lot of computer resources.

Free from time limitations and watermark.

Program disadvantages:

Sometimes it crashes while trying it on Mac.

It is not allowed to register on more than one screen.

2. Screencast-O-Matic is a high-quality video recording software:

    Unfortunately, the free version imposes many restrictions, the most important of which is that you are only allowed for a period of 15 minutes of recording, as well as there is a watermark on the video. Also, the video display resolution is very small and works with dimensions of 800 * 600, which makes it not suitable for recording games. Therefore, in the end, in order to Enjoy all the professional features of the program, you will find yourself having to buy the Deluxe version to get rid of the time limitation and unlock many other features, or you might consider the Premier version that provides you with the ability to back up your recordings on the company's servers.

    The program provides 4 basic functions, which include taking a screenshot, playing the recorder, opening uploads, or editing. Editing options allow you to crop, rotate, resize, add some animation or write on the video. The program gives you the ability to record the screen, the webcam, or both at a resolution of up to 1080p, but as we mentioned a while ago, this is with the paid version only.

Program Advantages:

Screen capture and video recording feature.

The free version may be more than enough for quick recordings.

The premium video editor that you can upgrade to at a low price.

The ability to export the video and share it on YouTube or keep the recordings backed up.

The ability to zoom while recording.

Program disadvantages:

Screen capture in only one PNG format.

The free version adds a watermark to recordings.

A limited time of 15 minutes is only for the trial version.

3. Free Cam, a completely free screen capture software:

    In fact, everything about Free Cam is so great that it is possible to do without any other recorder, the free version has no watermark, no ads, no restrictions on the duration of time recordings and can record computer audio and programs running in the background which makes you able You can add audio clips to your recordings, or record directly from the microphone in high quality, and it also allows recording the entire screen or a specific part of the screen depending on your needs.

    There is the editor that gives you the ability to crop certain parts of the recordings, the ability to block out background noise, the ability to increase or decrease the volume, or completely suppress the volume in some parts of the recordings. Once you've finished, you can share the video on YouTube or keep it in HD 720p. In MP4 format, the only downside to Free Cam is that it is not able to record a webcam.

Program Advantages:

Completely free and does not impose restrictions on the time period.

Watermark free.

Recording in the high-quality display.

Ability to export video to YouTube in WMV format directly.

The ability to remove some unwanted parts of the video.

The ability to remove background noise from the video.

Many sound effects additions.

Program disadvantages:

Unable to register webcam.

4. FlashBack Express Screen Recorder for Games:

    If you are still a newbie in the world of creating content and recording your screen videos and find the previous programs difficult to use or even if you do not feel comfortable with them due to their complexity, then you will find that FlashBack Express is the ideal choice to start your creative journey with, as the program features a clean, easy and simple user interface You can understand all its tools and functions very easily, the best thing about the program is that it is completely free and will not impose any restrictions on the time period of the recordings and will not add any watermarks to the video.

    Speaking of audio recording, it is capable of recording computer audio, background programs, webcam recording, microphone audio, and high, pure, and sharp sound quality. You may need the paid version for editing and editing recordings or writing on video, but of course, you can find these advantages in Other video editing programs, but returning to the main function, which is a screen recording, it is able to export your recordings in high-quality formats. A specific, professional, simple, easy-to-use software and a great alternative to many other free recording software.

Program Advantages:

The ability to record more than one screen.

Completely free without time limitation or adding a watermark.

It allows you to add a watermark to your recordings.

Clean, intuitive interface and is easy to use.

It is specifically targeted to gamers and contains convenient game recording options.

Program disadvantages:

Some functions such as the ability to edit video and audio are only available in the paid version.

Sometimes unable to track your steps while working on Windows.

5. Debut Video Capture for PC Screen Recording:

    Debut Video Capture is a great computer screen recorder that has many features and is completely free but the only downside is that it doesn't have a video editor. Therefore, after you finish recording the video, you will need to edit your recordings on other programs. If you want to record presentations on Powerpoint, this program is for you, or if you want to record video presentations on content streaming services such as YouTube, it is also for you, everything is simple and clear In an intuitive user interface able to highlight all the tools and controls in bars and columns at the top of the program so that it is easy for any beginner in the world of screen recording and content creation to start recording with a click of a button and handle all functions easily.

    It also gives you the freedom to choose the audio during recording whether you want to record the computer audio itself or the microphone audio. Another feature we found in it is that it is able to schedule screen recording times, just like FlashBack Express where it allows you to choose the date, start and end date and audio source with many Another option is to start the registration process automatically.

Program Advantages:

It is easy to use and contains a large number of free features.

Supports Windows and Mac systems.

The feature of scheduling appointments for recordings.

Program disadvantages:

It does not have its own separate editor.