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Best photo editing software for Android

    It is agreed that the camera in smartphones is at present time of high quality and with excellent features such as turning on the flash during photography, increasing the level of illumination, reducing the level of lighting, or even changing the colors of photography, but the applications of the camera that we shoot with add many advantages and effects Today we are going to show you the 10 best photography camera apps for Android phones.

1- Google Photos Jack of All App:

    Google Photos is one of the best services in Google. The application is available on all Android phones, and it also serves as an application to store photos on it as well. What distinguishes the application is that you can automatically back up your photos, so Google Photos is one of the best applications available.

2- AirBrush – Retouching App:

    AirBrush is one of the best photo editing and retouching applications that can remove blemishes from the face, remove pimples, whiten teeth and brighten eyes as well. The application can also lighten the skin and can reshape faces if you want to modify your appearance and make it appear. Inappropriate form.

3- Instagram – OG app:

    The OG application is one of the applications available for original photography, and one of its most important features of it is the “photo filter” the Instagram application has become the most application with many and varied effects, so you can now do some adjustments to the photos, and even add filters to videos.

4- Open Camera – A Better Camera app:

    If you are looking for an app to replace the camera on your phone, then Open Camera is a perfect choice, as you have many options that won't be found on the main camera app. It has many tools and many filters, such as scene modes, color, white balance, exposure, and many other things.

5- Photoshop Lightroom - Pro Mode:

    The Photoshop application is one of the leading photo editing programs. So it makes sense to use it on your phone. This application has many of the same tools that you will find on the Photoshop version on your computer, so you can use the program to adjust photos in a professional way.

6- PicsArt – Toolbox App:

    This application is one of the best photo editing applications and is the most popular in the Play Store. You can get tools, filters, a collage maker, a camera, an avatar library, millions of special stickers in addition to pictures, and many drawing tools. If you want an app that contains everything related to pictures, PicsArt is one of the best apps for you.

7- Application Pixlr - For All Ages:

    Pixlr app has more than 2 million free collections for editing photos, such as compositions, and filters, Pixlr aims to be easy-to-use photo editing for everyone, with it you can create photo collages with a variety of options to layouts on it, change background and spacing And color balance in one click and with ease.

8- Prisma – Creative App:

    This alternative filter app that changes color, saturation, exposure, and contrast on an image, uses Prisma to analyze your images and give you the option to apply nearly 40 different art styles so that the end result is so amazing, Prisma creates a complete different image from the original image you created. Taken with the main camera of the phone.

9- Snapseed App:

    This application is one of the paid applications and has become very popular among users, and Google purchased the application and made it free for everyone to benefit from, and this made it exceptional from other applications, as it contains powerful editing tools and is easy to use than other applications.

10- VSCO - Hipster tools:

    VSCO program is considered one of the imaging programs made for Android phones, which can make you a professional photographer who can take pictures of the most beautiful and wonderful. Completely professional.