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Best antivirus software for pc

    We all know that the computer world is undergoing a lot of development in a very short time. Since the invention of the computer, forces have begun to fight eavesdropping and fraud, as the computer has become necessary for each individual, it may reach that each individual needs a separate device in order to do his work or study Through it, so eavesdropping and knowing all the information about each person is very easy if that device is hacked, and for this reason, a group of programs was invented that stops the work of these viruses through a range of payment methods, and in order to protect your device from dangers, you have to download one the following programs:

1- Avast Antivirus:

    Avast 2023 is the most famous and most powerful virus program among antivirus programs, as it was released dozens of years ago. A file that you upload or transfer to the device, as its working mechanism is very precise.

How to use Avast Antivirus 2023:

    After installing the program, like all programs, it will go through several stages so that you can open the program correctly, and most of these stages take about twenty minutes, and below we will explain them in some detail.

    The program starts by installing some equipment that helps it detect and get rid of viruses, then the program asks whether you want to link it to the Google Chrome browser or not, and if you want to link it to it, this will prevent any unsafe sites from appearing in front of you or causing damage to the device.

2- Avira 2023 Antivirus:

    This program is considered the second most popular and best antivirus program on the scene, as it features an automatic scan feature, so you do not need to scan every part, the program checks your device well, and when it detects any danger or virus, it notifies you immediately, but it does not force you to remove The danger is from the device. Rather, it presents you with more than one choice. If you remove it, you are completely protected, but if you prefer to keep it, you will be unprotected by the device.

Neutron Anti-Virus 2023:

    The program has a wide network through which it can collect all information and extract all viruses that lead to the deterioration of your device, as it is one of the oldest and most famous programs in this field. Any attempt to hack the device is invalidated.

Features of Neutron Arabic Program:

  • It provides you with the best protection against viruses or external intrusion and its protection rate has exceeded more than 90% recently.

  • Managing a group of devices, as the subscription of the program is not limited to one person only, but it can be available for more than one device, and this is what allows the owners of companies to organize protection among themselves, and the program contains contact points through which they can communicate with the rest network devices.

  • The program keeps an additional copy of all the data stored on the computer, and thus it will not cost you any other space, it only saves it in the form of compressed codes and the data is recovered from them when needed.

  • The program is documented by many countries, and it has undergone more than one test conducted by major programming companies, so it has obtained more than one quality certificate, and this is what is reassuring when using it.

  • The program is not completely free, so you can pay a monthly subscription of $4.99, due to the high protection offered by the program to all users, and it also provides more than one feature for users with prepaid accounts, and you can pay in more than one way.

AVG Antivirus:

    The application works to protect the computer against any virus or electronic eavesdropping through a set of checks that it performs to ensure that everything is running according to specific mechanisms in your computer.

Features of IVG Computer Protection:

  • Free application:- The program is completely free without any paid fees, as it provides you with all the advantages for free, and this is considered convenient for many users.

  • Quick Check:- The scanning process is characterized by extreme accuracy and speed. Whenever you install a new file, the program detects and checks it immediately. It also shows the name of the file with its location, whether it is on the C hard drive or any additional storage file such as CDs or flash drives.

  • App lock feature:- Where the device enables you to set a password for some applications, and this is called internal protection, there are applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook that need more privacy, instead of logging out every time you can only set a password through the use of the application.

  • App backup feature:- The program keeps an extra copy of the data until it is retrieved in the event of an emergency, and this feature does not consume anything from the hard disk, so it is very special if you want to keep the information for a long time.

  • Update the application:- The application is characterized by the presence of a different set of versions, as each update that the company issues contain a different set of protection methods, so I make sure to update it first.