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Best Android Games Have fun on your Android phone

    Today, smartphone games have become a necessary thing in every phone, so we decided to provide the best Android games. In the Google Play market for Android, there are more than 900 million applications, but some of them are not special and do not rise to the uses of the Android user, and downloading it is only a waste of time without enjoyment

    So we decided to show you the best Android games with all their details to get a new and distinctive experience in order to enjoy your time while using the phone.

1- FIFA Mobile game:

    FIFA Mobile is one of the best Android games, with more than 50 million downloads, and its origin is Electronic Arts.

    The company has published many versions of sports games on many devices such as video game consoles, phones, and computers.

    This application is characterized by the ability to join many European and international leagues, the ability to buy and sell players, get many plans, join large groups and play in front of friends.

    After downloading the application, and downloading the necessary files, we find that its size does not exceed 250 MB.

2- Pokemon Go:

    Pokemon Go, the game that achieved impressive success in 2016 very quickly, garnering millions of downloads, and the numbers are still increasing

Why is Pokemon Go one of the best Android games?

    But what distinguishes this game from other games of our time, and even turns into one of the top 10 applications on Google Play in 2016.

    The answer is that the secret behind this fame is the unique idea and planning, everything is thought out with great accuracy and a highly professional organization

    This application is based on the story of a cartoon movie that we saw in our childhood, and it was directed to become a game that gained wide fame, specifically at the beginning of July of the year 2016 by the Japanese company Nintendo.

    As for the idea of ​​the game, it lies in searching for a group of pokemon inside your city and near you, you just have to follow the map and go to the place where the pokemon guide you to find real pokemon.

3- Dream league soccer:

    Or in Arabic, the Football Dream League is a very special game to play football where you can play in 5 sections and there are many other levels after the World Cup and playing against old teams and others

    There is also a player store to build an excellent team, in addition to the possibility to play against your friends online or play friendly against unknown people.

    However, all copies have been deleted except for the last version, now the player has the ability to get many coins from watching the ad.

    You may be able to buy better stadiums, which is a necessary point to move to the next level. If you liked this game.

Download Dream League Soccer for Android from Google Play Store.

4- PAC-MAN game:

    Pacman is a game that was inspired by the former Pacman program, which used to extract the idea from films such as Pokemon Go.

    The game requires the player to earn points by eating the pills in the game, without the other ghosts touching you, otherwise, you will lose.

    This game has achieved success, and this is evident from the extent of its media resonance, which was manifested in its most prominent images in the talk of the largest channels, such as the BBC.

    We can also see the results of this echo through the large number of downloads that exceeded 50,000,000 downloads and came close to touching the 100 million downloads line.

The app also rated more than 541,000 players, with an average of 4.1 stars for each rating.

5- Color switch game:

    Or in Arabic, it changes colors, and the goal of the game is to enter the ball in the appropriate color in the circle, which is the color corresponding to the color of your ball.

    And in the event that you enter it in a different color, you will lose directly, as there are many forms that you may encounter in the application

    Also, there is a daily competition running and you have to play it once a day to win the suggested amount.

    In addition, this application contains many ways to play any of the forms, as the demand for excellence was not satisfied alone.

6- Fruit Slice game:

    Fruit Slice is one of the best Android games that has been very popular in a short period of time since its launch.

    This game has spread because it is one of the easy-to-understand and uncomplicated games in addition to being fun and suitable for all ages.

    As it does not need the Internet to run, the idea of ​​the game is to have an increasing number of fruits appear on the screen.

  • The player is required to cut it by passing his hand over it quickly before it falls.
  • This game supports a 3D screen, which distinguishes it from many other games.
  • You can also choose the color of your mouse on the screen and change the wallpaper.
  • And many other features led to this great success of the game and made it achieve a lot of profits.

7- Candy crush game:

    Candy Crush is a game that was present in its beginnings as an application on Facebook games and then it secured its place among the best games.

    It has also been made available in many markets such as Google Play Market, Windows Store, Apple Store, and others, where it has become essential within every phone.

    The game requires placing 3 or more similar jewels in a row, either vertically or horizontally, and the higher the number, the closer the victory, and there are many conditions that must be met to pass to the next level.

In addition to the possibility of playing against friends online in the game or on Facebook, for example.

More than 18 million users have rated the app with an average of 4.4 stars for a single rating.

In addition to the possibility of playing against friends online in the game or on Facebook, for example.

More than 18 million users have rated the app with an average of 4.4 stars for a single rating.

8- Pou game:

    Pou is an alien being that you have to take care of by feeding him food, washing him, and many other things.

    In the application, there are many sub-games that as soon as you play and win, you get coins that help you buy delicious food.

    The player can also make a bath for himself and earn one or two coins, and the application market has many chemicals as energy potions.

    As your animal gets tired as well and may need to rest and sleep for many hours, which prevents you from playing with it.

    The app has been downloaded more than 500 million times and has been rated by nearly 10 million people with a score of 4.3 out of five stars.

9- My talking angela game:

It's an app with the same idea as My talking tom, but with a different character, Angela.

    The application has been specially designed for young girls between the ages of four and thirteen and in pink colors to target the mentioned category, in addition to more amazing clothes to make your cat a wonderful and distinctive appearance.

    You can also do make-up for your cat's face, and other things that may add beauty and splendor to this application.

    The application has been downloaded by more than one hundred million users all over the world and with a number of ratings

    Where it exceeded 7 million evaluations and almost touched the eight million evaluations, with an average of 4.5 for a single evaluation.