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Best Android Apps 2022

    It can be difficult to find the latest Android 2022 apps, as there are millions of apps available, and not all of them are good.

    We have been using the Google Play Store for a long time to find the best Android software and put every promising app through its paces to make sure it's worth a download.

    There are amazing apps in all kinds of categories, from health and fitness to cameras and photo editors, to personalization and music apps, and more, so whatever you're looking for should be a perfect fit.

    There are also apps like Nabd, Android Auto, and Google Assistant, which are among the best Arabic Android apps.

1- Babbel: Language Learning

    After Duolingo, Babel is perhaps the most popular language-learning app. And for good reason, this app has all the tools you need to learn another language, whether you're completely new to learning that language or you already speak some of it.

    There are 14 languages ​​to choose from and over 60,000 lessons, plus podcasts, flashcards, games, and more.

    Speech recognition means that you can practice speaking the language, and you will also be able to listen, read and write it, so every aspect of language proficiency is covered.

2- Glitch Lab:

    Glitch Lab is a photo editor packed with digital effects, and it's among the best Android apps. You may have seen apps like this before, and not everyone will like the style of effects offered, but if you want to make your photos look sparkly or a bit outdated, this is one of the most versatile and capable ways to do it.

    There are more than 100 effects in this Android app, and many of them are customizable, ensuring that your glitches will be dealt with greatly.

    And not only that, it is even possible to create an image from scratch, building it through a number of effects and adjustments.

3- DoodleLens:

    There are fairy Android apps like Doodles. Doodlings may be a bit of a gimmick, but they are fun. Simply draw something, point your phone's camera at the doodles from within the app, and you can copy and paste them over the world around you in augmented reality.

4- Pixtica:

    Pixitica is one of many tools that hope to replace the default camera app on your phone. Camera apps vary a lot, and their success largely depends on your phone model, but Pixitica is a decent option if you're looking for something new.

    This app is packed with features, including several filters, a GIF recorder, panorama, hyper-lapse, manual controls, and antics like Planet mode, which processes images into a ball-like shape using Pixitica's "Advanced Holographic Projection Algorithm".

    There are also all kinds of other modes, whether you're taking pictures or shooting a video, and the app is designed intuitively. However, while many of the functions in this app are free, you will have to pay money in order to secure higher resolutions and remove watermarks when using filters.

5- Scribble:

    One of the best Android apps is Scribble, which is a photo editor that lets you add animations to your photos. By "animation" we basically mean light trails, but there are different ways they can be animated, many colors you can choose, and you can choose exactly where they appear on the images and how large they are.

    Basically, Scribble is an app that does one thing but does it well. Once you add an animation, you can save the result to your phone gallery, ready to share.

    The basic app is free, but for a one-time fee or monthly subscription, you can remove ads and unlock additional customization options, as well as unlock the ability to remove the Scribble watermark from your creations.

6- Photo Watermark:

    It's an app that lets you add watermarks to photos - but the types of watermarks you can add are quite diverse.

    Not only can you add custom text as a watermark (including changing the font, size, and color), but you can also use your signature (or any handwritten text) as a watermark by typing on the screen.

    You can also apply stickers, location, mosaic effect, or "graffiti" (which just lets you paint over your photos with a digital paintbrush). Whether you want to protect your photo or just record when and where it was taken, there must be a tool here for you.

7- PhotoDirector:

    Your phone may have a powerful camera, but there probably isn't much in the way of photo editing tools. Fortunately, PhotoDirector is an Android app that can fill in those gaps.

    This app allows you to adjust the hue, saturation, white balance, and colors of photos you've taken previously, as well as add filters and effects, which you can adjust their strength and apply to all or only part of the photo.

    You can also add text, stickers, frames, change perspective, invert photos, cut out sections, and much more.

    There are many tools, but PhotoDirector is easy to navigate and you can always undo your changes, so you can try it out safely.

There is also a built-in camera, which allows you to take new photos with various effects and view directly through the viewfinder.