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Top 10 Android Apps (Useful Apps)

    The Google Play Store website is rich with a number of applications and games available for download and installation for Android devices. The applications are divided into two parts, including games, including programs that are also divided into many types such as education, sports, entertainment, montage, and other applications, where the Play Market provides all the needs of users despite the lack of Some of the popular applications on it due to the special policy and conditions that Google puts forward and imposes on developers wishing to upload their applications to the Play Store.

Best useful apps:

    Android applications are programs and games that run on Android, and it is a free, open-source operating system based on the Linux kernel that was designed to run on devices with touch screens, such as smartphones and tablets, and the system was developed by the company, Android, and Google Inc. Touch compatible with real-world movements such as flicking, swiping and flicking, In addition, the system provides a virtual keyboard for entering texts.

1- Duolingo App:

    As the first application on our list, Duolingo is one of the distinguished applications for learning languages, as it allows learning any language you want in a fun way by asking a set of questions that the user has to answer correctly.

    In the case of the wrong answer, the user loses life points, and the application is famous in the world thanks to its smoothness and freeness, although it also provides a non-free professional version, and the lessons of the application depend on a set of questions, asking the user to print the translation, respond to voice commands, and add images and the link between Choosing answers from a list of many options, and the importance of the application lies in collecting information about the questions that users face difficulties in answering them, in addition to the nature of the errors committed in order to reuse them in the development and improvement of the application.

2- Internet Speed ​​Monitor app:

    The role of the Internet Speed ​​Monitor application appears through its ability to measure the speed of the Internet, and accordingly, you can conclude the reason for its slowness. The source of the problem may be from the Internet provider that you are subscribed to, and the problem may be outside this range therefore it can be said that your network has been hacked and there are devices that benefit from The internet and you are doing big downloads and so on which makes your internet very slow.

    As soon as you notice the internet connection due to the videos not working quickly or opening some websites, measure the internet speed and first make sure that the required amount of internet is available. The application will measure your internet speed automatically.

3- Microsoft Teams app:

    Microsoft Teams is an application updated by Microsoft in recent years, and this feature is a platform for remote teamwork, it can be said that Microsoft Teams is a more educational feature, especially in light of the ill health that the world suffers from, and through this platform, students can benefit from Distance learning by receiving lectures directly.

 Microsoft Teams is one of the most important tools that Microsoft has created, along with powerful programs and applications used around the world such as:

  • Microsoft word which I am currently working on editing this topic.
  • Then a program for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and data.
  • One Dareq cloud storage site.

4- HiPER application:

    It is a scientific calculator that supports up to 100 numbers of importance and nine numbers of the exponent. The application contains all the basics of the scientific calculator from simple to the most complex. It can create three-dimensional graphs and convert units of measurement in addition to units of measurement. So that the user does not have to perform the same calculations again, the application is free and a paid professional version is available for $3.49 free of ads.

5- PhotoScan application:

    The application allows the feature to scan printed images through the phone’s camera and save them as digital files, where many editing operations can be performed using filters or advanced editing tools. The process of backing up images using the Google Photos application to organize them and make it easier to search for them later.

    The application does not require any payment or material consideration because it is free, which saves money for users and gives them the ability to rely on it to erase their old photos without complications.

6- Datally application:

    This application provides opportunities to preserve, manage and share mobile data by blocking data consumption by background applications and unwanted notifications in the background of the phone.

    The application can set a daily maximum amount of data that can be used as well as block background data consumption for some applications and allow others or turn off mobile data automatically at a specified time in the application. Set a limit on the number of data friends can use from a user's hotspot.

7- Strava App:

    It is an application for sports and competition enthusiasts, where the application can measure the distance that the user has walked or biked, and the application provides the ability to accurately calculate the speed and time by using it to collect his antagonists' stimuli.

8- Greenify App:

    It is an application that helps users to pause all applications that consume the battery in the device and make it last longer as it freezes applications with the ability to run them again by simply pressing the application to be launched.

    And the application prevents the rest of the applications from starting again in its work until the user himself runs them, and the application helps to identify and put applications that consume the battery in hibernation mode, and two copies of the first application are available for free and the second is a paid, pre-paid 10 out of 5.

9- TED Application:

    It is an application that deals with a variety of topics and features talks and lectures from eminent personalities, experts in various fields and others where the application is a free, integrated podcast that does not contain purchases that teaches users how to learn the art of rhetoric and presentation.

10- LastPass Password Manager:

    It is one of the Android applications that works as a password manager by saving the login credentials in a secure way and also helps users to create almost impossible passwords to use in their accounts, and everything is controlled in the application through a complete password based on a password. Use it on computers, phones, and others, as the application is available as an add-on for browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and others.

    The passwords recorded on the application are password-protected to access the service with data encryption on the devices before they are synchronized with any application or add-on in another browser, and the application also provides a service for filling out forms on sites and storing them in a personal form that the user visits in a physical form.