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Learn 9 features you didn't know about the iPhone

    It has become difficult to keep up with all the updates and applications for smart devices, and some are not able to make the best use of their device due to not knowing many of the features in them.

    Below we present 9 selected iPhone features, which many people do not know, that may improve the degree of your use of the famous phone.

1. Block annoying notifications:

    Annoying notifications can be stopped by swiping your finger from right to left on the notification bar, which is a useful feature to prevent those annoying messages that suddenly appear on your screen.

    Of course, notifications can be turned off completely by going to Settings and then Notifications, and they can be turned off for each application separately according to your choice.

2. Accessibility:

    This feature is considered one of the best features of the new iPhone phones, as it allows the double touch, not pressing the home button, to slide the entire screen to the bottom, which enables the user to reach the top without using the other hand.

3. Visual Voicemail:

    If you subscribe to the voice mail service, you can read messages without having to call your voice mail to hear them, as the iPhone provides a service to convert voice messages into words.

4. Effects in iMessage:

    With the launch of iOS 10, Apple added the animation feature within the text messaging application, by pressing the arrow to the right of the message screen and selecting “Effects” and then a screen for the effects to appear on the full screen.

5. Emoji Shortcuts:

    Emojis have become part of our lives, and when we use them, we have to turn the keyboard to choose them, but you can specify shortcuts with some letters, such as "GC" to show a symbol that you choose through the "Text Replacement" feature.

6. Accelerate Touch ID:

    Touch IDs can be made faster than before by saving the same fingerprint multiple times with different input methods, and this is especially useful for older iPhones such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s.

7. Caller identification:

    If you are behind the wheel of your car, or your phone is in another room away from you, you can have your phone read the name of the caller to determine the importance of answering the call without looking at the phone.

    This is done through the settings, then the phone, then choose the identification of the call "Announce Calls", and when someone calls you, the phone will tell you who it is.

8. Video shooting:

    The iPhone enables you to take pictures while you are shooting a video at the same time, by pressing the white circle in the corner of the screen next to the red that records the video, but the pictures will not be as good as the phone's camera.

9. Remote photography:

The volume up or down button on the headphones can be used to take a photo via the camera app.