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5 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone

    You have to look for the 5 best video montage apps for phones so that you can use one of them to create personal videos or videos that you want to share with friends. Many programmers have designed high-quality editing programs for mobile phones to make editing easier for non-professionals.

    But if you want to direct a short movie or program and the like, you will have to use professional programs on the computer.

    And you should know that many people who use these applications with the highest professionalism can provide video montage services on freelance sites and platforms and get a financial income through them.

    When you download an editing application, you should look for free applications with different tools. This is so that it is easy for you to complete your various tasks without any obstacles.

    It should be noted that your downloading of applications will be through electronic stores (Google Play, App Store), and as for the best programs or montage programs for Android, they are:

1- Kinemaster app:

    It is considered one of the top 5 montage applications for phones so that you can edit the video clips that you have filmed in high quality, cutting the uncontrolled parts and also linking the various clips with each other and other capabilities of KineMaster. As for the disadvantages and advantages of the KineMaster video montage application, they are as follows:

• Kinemaster Features:

1- Through it, you can make short videos by assembling photos with music, and you can prepare more professional videos through video clips.

2- There are many filters in the application that you can choose from to create a specific mod for your video.

3- KineMaster gives you a complete opportunity to control the quality and sound of the video, in addition to changing the tone of the voice, inserting music, and various effects.

4- It should be noted that there is the possibility of adding texts and controlling their color, size, and other details.

Therefore, KineMaster can be considered the best editing program for Android and iPhone, as it is distinguished from other video editing applications.

• Disadvantages of kinemaster:

1- Although we say that KineMaster is the best montage program for Android, iPhone, and phones, it is flawed by the presence of many ads in it that hinder you from carrying out your tasks.

2- The process of outputting the final video and exporting it to various social platforms takes a long time, which annoys the user.

2- Viva cut application:

    Viva Cut is one of the best video editing and editing apps for smartphones. You can download Viva Cat through its free version or its paid version.

    The paid version contains more features so that you can make professional videos on your mobile phone and publish them on social networks.

    But before you start using it, you will have to give the program permission to access your phone's media. As for the most prominent advantages and disadvantages of the program, which we ranked for it among the best video editing programs and applications for Android phones and iPhones, they are as follows:

• viva cut features:

1- The program is considered one of the top 5 video editing and editing applications for phones, as it provides you with a special section for education to learn about the various capabilities of the program and how to access them so that you can make good use of them.

2- Through the program, you can add video clips and images and then choose an appropriate filter to express the content of the clip, and you can share it later with friends.

3- As for the additional options in the program, it allows you to add stickers, text, and music with your own clip.

4- In the program, there is a special option for filming and editing videos that are uploaded on Tik Tok, through the filters known there.

• Disadvantages of viva cut:

1- At first, you will have difficulty understanding the various options in the program, because its interface is a bit complicated to make a video montages for Android and iPhone phones.

2- The program contains many advertisements that appear to you from time to time while you are working with it, which means that you are somewhat disrupted by the completion of video editing and exporting.

3- power director app:

    It is one of the oldest editing programs on online stores and has been ranked as one of the best editing programs for Android. You can download it and log in to add different videos and make some edits.

    It raises its voice and adjusts its size, quality, and other things that may need to be changed in the video so that it appears beautifully to different viewers.

    As for the most prominent advantages and disadvantages of this application for montage, on the basis of which we rated it as one of the best video editing programs for iPhone and Android, they are as follows:

• Power Director Features:

1- The program provides you with the option to edit videos regardless of their size so that you can set an entire movie on the application interface and add subtitles for example, and this feature is enough to make it one of the best video editing applications for Android phones and iPhones.

2- You can also control the sound and add some beautiful music and sound effects either from those in the program or through your phone's memory.

3- The program is very suitable for beginners, as it has a very easy interface that everyone can deal with, design short videos for circulation with friends, and make professional video montages.

Disadvantages of power director:

1- One of the most prominent disadvantages of the program is that it contains many annoying ads that appear to you as long as you are connected to the Internet.

2- You cannot use the various capabilities of PowerDirector until after purchasing the paid version, which costs you about 600 pounds.

4- video show application:

    It is ranked on various online stores as one of the top 5 montage applications for phones because, through simple tools, the user can design beautiful videos that are suitable as a memory and you can share them on social media.

    It is among the programs that you can use after logging in so that you can adjust your videos if you are a provider of visual content on social networks. Speaking about the advantages and disadvantages of the program, are as follows:

• Features of video show:

1- The program allows beginners to try designing different videos through the simplest tools and without the need for educational videos.

2- It has many filter options, so you can design a video with some imaginative effects, and you can also add stickers that make the video clip more comical.

3- After you have finished designing the video and adding text, images, and music to it, you can export it to your friends to tell you their opinion.

• Disadvantages of video show:

1- Despite the fact that Video Show is one of the top 5 editing applications for phones, some complain that some of the program’s capabilities can only be used after paying the money.

2- While adjusting your videos in the application, you will see some annoying ads that may force you to postpone your work a bit.

5- Filmora app:

    Now you can download the app to enjoy professional video editing tools from Filmora. It is considered one of the top 5 editing apps for mobile phones.

    The application was released for the first time in the market through a primitive version, but now it has become more advanced so it gives you many options for adjusting the quality of the video to send it via Facebook or Instagram to various friends. As for Filmora’s advantages and disadvantages, they are as follows:

Filmora Features:

1- The application has a medium storage space to suit different mobile phones, and it is classified as one of the good editing programs for beginners.

2- You can have complete control over your videos by increasing or slowing the tempo, and adjusting colors and frames.

3- In addition to the ability to control the volume of the sound and make it more clear and put some effects and music to make the video look more attractive.

Filmora defects:

1- Most of the filters in the program have nothing to do with realism, so you cannot use them to design serious content.

2- When you finish designing the video, you will find the watermark attached to you and you can not get rid of it unless you buy the paid version.