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Top 8 Programming Apps for Beginners for Android

    In order to learn to program, you must start correctly, and that is by choosing the correct way to learn and access the correct information specialized in programming science. In this list, we will list to you the top 10 applications to learn Arabic and foreign programming for beginners.

1- Programming Hub application to learn to program:

    It is one of the most famous applications that will help you learn to program, and this application relies on a smart method to learn programming and other technical topics, as the application divides its content into several courses, each course presenting the lessons in the form of stories, and this application is characterized by competitions that measure your understanding of the lessons after Each section, the application contains powerful training courses including but not limited to Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, Scala, Julia and much more.

    Through this wonderful application, you will also be able to access courses related to ethical hacking, application development, artificial intelligence, material design, advanced computing, in addition to digital marketing, and matters related to SEO, in addition to many great features that make learning programming through this wonderful application. Great and easy app.

2- Enki application to learn to program for beginners:

    This wonderful application and the favorite of many to learn programming offers a wide range of wonderful and professional programming courses suitable for all levels, with the Enki application you can learn many and varied languages, for example, Python and JavaScript in addition to spreadsheets and Airtable.

    An application that has a distinctive and easy interface and helps you enter the world of programming in a systematic and clear manner, In addition to the application containing a lot of content for free, if you are interested in learning to program, I advise you to subscribe to the paid plan, which offers greater and deeper content for sure and at a very simple cost of up to 7.99 $ per month.

3 - Grasshopper app to learn to program:

    Many programmers or people who want to learn programming classify this application as one of the best applications to learn to program, and perhaps the reason is that this application was developed by the Code with Google team, which is one of the best ways that you can access with ease to learn to program, especially for beginners, from During this application, the main focus is on the JavaScript language, and this application also features a wonderful and simple code editor based on the drag and drop method, so it is ideal for beginners who want to learn programming from the beginning to professionalism.

    The application is characterized by short and enjoyable lessons at the same time, where you can complete watching the lessons at any time with the interface that is easy to use, as this application teaches the basics of programming, for example, functions, variables, and methods, you are given rewards and certificates after completing the courses on the This application, and the best feature of this application is that it is completely free.

4- Code Hub app to learn to program:

    This application is classified as one of the best free applications to learn programming in an easy and simple way, through this application, which consists of a simple and distinctive interface that helps you learn to program for several programming languages, this application contains courses that help you understand the basics of the web and HTML CSS, therefore this application is good and wonderful as a point Starting for beginners.

    Perhaps the only negative that exists for this application is that this application is only available on the Android platform, so if you have an IOS phone, you were not able to use this application, unfortunately, and it was even removed from the Google Play platform, the official app store, but you can still download it From outside the store, we will put a link for you to download it via the Aptoide Store.

5- Mimo app to learn to program for beginners:

    One of the most prominent and distinguished applications for learning programming, and the idea of ​​​​the application is limited to learning programming through the accumulation of experiences, this application gives you training on a daily and continuous basis, and the training period ranges between 5 d and 15 d, and this makes you learn in a fun way without getting bored, the Mimo application is an application designed with educational paths Multiple foci on what you want and what you want to do through real-world projects, and this application has a simple, easy and smooth interface, with simple lessons that you can learn on the go.

    The Mimo application adopts the method of learning through motivation, where it motivates you by offering prizes to continue learning it. The application contains a lot of courses, which include many courses and paths that you may want to learn, for example, but not limited to, Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, SQL, and many other languages.

    If you intend to use this application, simply download it, register with it, and specify the daily learning period you want. This application contains a paid version that enables you to access additional content and courses with a monthly subscription of only $9, and you may need it in the advanced stages.

6- Khan Academy application for learning programming languages:

    Khan Academy application is one of the most popular applications ever to learn programming, and what distinguishes this application or the academy, in general, is that it has been teaching programming for a long time, therefore it has extensive experience and various courses in teaching programming of websites and applications, information security and other courses and courses, through Khan Academy you can Access to dozens of free courses such as courses related to the programming languages ​​Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL.

7- Encode application to learn to program for beginners:

    One of the wonderful and very suitable applications for beginners is based mainly on the JavaScript language, which is an important language for all programmers to learn and learn the basics of programming through it first. Comprehensive and in-depth that helps you learn to program, as the Encode application begins with you with an educational program that includes basic skills, which makes it a great reference to return to at any time to renew your information.

    What distinguishes this application is that it is built on a system of wonderful and entertaining short lessons, which you can save and refer to them at any sufficient time in case you are busy any period of time.

8- Programing hero app to learn to program for beginners:

    This application is known as the beginner's friend, as this application is specifically aimed at beginners in programming, the very simple Programing hero application helps you learn from scratch according to a plan drawn for beginners, through the Programing hero application, which turns programming into a game through which you can face challenges The difficult programming as you create your own game while learning through this application.

    With Programing hero, you will not be able to write your own code directly from scratch, but you will be able to effectively understand the basics required in the programming world as well as a few commands and rules that you can use.

    Programing hero is based on a set of programming exercises and quizzes designed to test your knowledge. These quizzes and programming exercises cover coding including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL. Lessons in the Programing hero app are free for the beginner level, and for the advanced levels, you will need to pay a monthly subscription It is estimated at $10 per month.