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Top 5 apps for making WhatsApp stickers for iPhone | WhatsApp stickers

    By browsing the famous WhatsApp instant chat application, we come across many wonderful stickers, which can be used through conversations, what if we could make customized WhatsApp stickers for iPhone, through the photos we took, through this article, we will learn about the best programs Make WhatsApp stickers for iPhone with ease.

    The idea of ​​these applications is that they will help you convert the photos on your iPhone, whether you photograph them with the phone’s camera, or download them from the Internet, into stickers, you can use them easily from the stickers box in WhatsApp, you can use your photos or photos of your friends to add a kind of fun on instant chats.

    Through this article, we will learn about a group of applications that will help us in making stickers, with a simple explanation of the features of each application for making stickers for iPhones.

Best apps for making WhatsApp stickers for iPhone:

1- Sticker Maker Studio app for making stickers:

    Sticker Maker Studio is one of the most powerful applications for creating WhatsApp stickers because it contains many features that will allow you to create customized WhatsApp stickers according to your desire, with a set of tools that make creating a sticker for WhatsApp through this program easy and simple.

    Through the Sticker Maker Studio application, you can create up to 30 stickers and add them within a group, with the ability to create many groups for easy classification. From the image with the ability to erase the background, this application with all these features is a free application, in addition to the presence of a paid version of it with more tools and features.

Application features:

  • The application works smoothly on iPhones and iPad.
  • The application is completely free.
  • The ability to customize the poster effectively.
  • It provides you with the manufacture of stickers in different shapes.
  • Does not put a watermark with the name of the application on the stickers.
  • The application provides a set of premium fonts for use.
  • Possibility to use emojis to make stickers instead of pictures.

2- program to make WhatsApp stickers for iPhone:

    What distinguishes this application from the rest of the applications is that it is a social platform for the manufacture of posters, where you can see the posters made by others and interact with them, and you can also publish your own posters and designs for others to interact with, so this application is not just a program for making posters, but rather a platform Social where you can find thousands of ready-made stickers. Features of Sticker Maker:

  • The application is available on the official store and is completely free.
  • There are thousands of stickers ready to be used.
  • Great tools for making stickers and cutting them automatically.
  •  The ability to make animated stickers through the application
  • Powered by lnc, Snow developers.

3- Wemoji – WhatsApp Sticker maker app:

    This application is also considered one of the best free applications for making stickers and the most popular among users, and what distinguishes this application other than that it is free is its ease of use, the application provides the design of thousands of ready-made stickers also that you can export to your WhatsApp application.

Features of Wemoji Sticker Maker:

  • The application is completely free.
  • The application is easy to use.
  • The application contains thousands of ready-made stickers.
  • Ease of making stickers with one click and exporting them to WhatsApp.
  • The ability to add texts in Arabic and English on the posters with all professionalism.

4- Stickers Studio app for making stickers:

    The Stickers Studio application is also one of the leading applications in the field of making WhatsApp stickers, and it has great features that make it present in today's list as well. Through this application, you can make stickers and not only upload them to the stickers for the WhatsApp application, but also you can add them to the stickers for the keyboard Like the Google keyboard.

    The free version of the application has great features and is really useful with the presence of a paid version of the application, which enables you to access greater and more features from this application.

5- Stackify WhatsApp Sticker Maker:

    This wonderful application offers a set of different effects and add-ons that help you to get distinctive stickers through its design, thanks to the tools within this application, the stickers that you will design will be distinctive, of great quality, and have attractive effects.

    Through this application, you can remove any background of any image by pressing a button, and you can create up to 30 stickers in each group and share them with your friends via the WhatsApp application.