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Top 4 Free Screen Recording Apps for Android 2022

    Screen capture applications are a group of applications whose mission is to record videos for those who make explanations or want to show the features of their phones in videos or record the screen while they are playing a game and then share the video with their friends in the form of a video, and these applications never show any sign of This video was filmed with a screen capture program.

    If you do not have a Chinese phone that provides you with a screen capture service without programs, you should read the next lines to see a selection of the best screen capture programs for Android 2022.

What are the best screen recording apps?

1- Quick video recorder app for screen capture:

    This application is considered the most distinguished among all the applications that we collected in this article, as this application includes a set of features that are not found in other programs.

1- Not to be bound by a specific duration for the video clip.

2- Allows you to deal with the front and back camera while using the application.

3- It provides you with high-quality videos and enables you to record your voice if you want to.

4- You can set a password for the video that you filmed, and this feature will not be found in any other screen recording application.

5- You can upload the video directly to the Google Drive network for cloud storage without having to save it to your phone first.

6- It provides you with a flexible space to edit the video that you filmed with the same program without the need for more programs.

7- The application contains only three icons and supports many languages, which makes it easy and simple for most users.

8- This application enables you to schedule the recording to start after the time you specify for it.

    Its only drawback is that it does not work on Android devices that have an Android version lower than Android 5.0, but it is still the most outstanding application in the list of best screen capture applications for Android 2022 that we have collected.

2- Mobizin, the most popular screen recording application in 2022:

    If you have ever watched a YouTuber who shares a video of him playing a game or presenting something in technology, he often uses the Mobizin application by 70%, as this application is the most popular screen capture application for Android 2022 among the applications we collected here, as it is characterized by the following qualities.

Features of mobile app:

1- It supports running on weak applications more than the previous application.

2- Supports screen capture in FHD quality, in addition to providing the ability to record audio internally.

3- You can have a feature that is not found in other programs, which is the ability to specify the quality in which you will record the video, where you can choose from 240 to 1080.

4- It provides you with the ability to control the tire operating system from 5fps to 60fps.

5- No root required.

6- I have a simple video editor that does some tasks such as cutting and installing some parts of the video.

    These two previous applications are considered the best among all screen capture applications for Android 2022, and you can use both of them completely free of charge.

3- Az screen recorder for screen capture:

    This is also a third application that is considered one of the best applications. It is a free application and the method of using it is the same as the method of using the second application, both of which are very similar.

1- Supports multiple frames up to 60fbs.

2- Offers the feature of writing on the video.

3- Supports the ability to add music or add subtitles to the video.

4- It gives you a limited ability to edit the video that enables you to add or remove some clips from the video.

5-Unlike others, it enables you to comment on internal and external audio.

6- It does not require root privileges.

    But this application works as the first application on the Android 5.0 operating system and does not support applications lower than this version.

    It has been downloaded by 50 million users worldwide which is half of the times the second application has been downloaded.

4- Adv Screen Recorder App:

    This application differs greatly from the previous applications in terms of shape and design, and it also provides a feature that is not present in any of the applications we mentioned, which is the ability to add your own logo while recording a video.

It also provides the following features:

1- Provides automatic recording and advanced recording.

2- 1080p high-quality shooting.

3- Writing on the video, modifying some colors in a limited way, and adding some lines.

4- You can open the back camera and the front camera of your phone and use them while filming the screen.