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The easiest way to backup contacts on iPhone

    Sometimes, for many reasons, we need to change the phone or do a factory reset and as a result of these things, we lose many important data such as photos, videos, documents, and applications. By losing it, it is difficult to recollect them. Can you make a backup copy of the contacts and how to back up your device for all contacts and restore the contacts after formatting the device or even buying a new device?

    Perhaps many of us have been exposed to this situation or will be exposed to it in the future and today we came up with a great solution for iPhone users, which is an application that makes a backup copy of the contacts, and then after renewing the device or resetting the factory, we restore these deleted numbers from a backup we prepared in advance.

When do we make a backup?

    Creating a backup for your contacts is necessary from time to time, so we do not wait for the time when we want to perform a factory reset of the device or renew it in order to make a backup copy of the contacts, sometimes the winds do not come as the ships desire and we may lose the phone suddenly or crash without warning so You must make a backup copy of your contacts from time to time to keep the contacts from losing, and you should not be satisfied with creating a backup copy of your device for the first time. The new.

How to backup iPhone backup contacts:

    To back up the contacts on your iPhone and restore the copy of your private contacts to your device again, there are several of these ways using the iCloud account on your iPhone or iPad, where you can make a backup via the program Itunes that you can download on your computer, and this program helps you to create a backup and then restore the backup copy of the contacts at any other time, as your contacts keep syncing on your account in iCloud and this feature is for iPhone devices on the ios system.

    This method of backing up your contacts and then restoring the deleted contacts may seem difficult for some, so there are some other applications that may help you in the process of restoring deleted contacts from an old copy or even transferring contacts.

How to download an application to make a backup copy in the iPhone system?

    To summarize the topic for you, I made a video explaining how to make a backup copy of the contacts on your iPhone. You can easily follow this video now and then go to the bottom of the post to download the application to make a copy of the deleted contacts directly from the App Store, where I joined you through the video How to back up contacts.

    The idea of ​​the application is that it syncs in contacts to create backup copies, creating the sync process through the application does not take much time this application is for iPhone devices and there are many applications similar to the Android system and all of these applications help protect against losing names and do Synchronize contacts by backing them up.